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I am in search for a sling for Gabriella. A baby carrier. So I can wear my baby. I love it. I love the closeness, I love that no one else can touch her without me knowing about it. I have full control over how close someone gets to my precious little new born. I have a Moby Wrap and LOVE it. But Gabriella has Achondroplasia, she is dwarf. She isn’t “supposed to be in a carrier”. So I have been on a quest of sorts. To find the Moms that didn’t listen to their docs. I can’t be the only Mom with a dwarf baby that would like to wear her. And practice attachment parenting. “They” say that I cannot have her in anything other than hard backed chairs. She sleeps in a rock and play sleeper (soft backed) and my bed. Yes, we co-sleep. Or Family Bed. Whatever. We did it with all of our children, starting 7 years ago with the first one, before we knew it was a “lifestyle choice”. Before we knew about “attachment parenting”. To us it was just “Parenting”. So back to Gabby. I’ve joined some wonderful women in two different support groups on FB. I think support group sounds wrong when you’re talking about babywearing. Even though thats what it is. And thats what we need. Support from like minded Moms and Dads. So I asked on these forums for help finding the best carrier for Gabby. I still wear her in the Moby, but thanks to these wonderful women I am learning so much. My sister joked that I should write a book. I really think I might. I think that if I could find the right heathcare professionals, that see the benefits of babywearing even for Achon babies, it would be such a worthwhile project. I think everyone should be able to enjoy wearing their babies and feeling them close at all times. Not just parents with average height children (yes, average height is what you call someone without achondroplasia. Not “normal”. Because Gabby is normal. Just short!).
So I also have a Maya Wrap. I think I will be trying to wear her in that as well. It would be nice to have the choice. The women on the baby wearing forums have said that it might offer more support for Gabby’s back, so I will try it. I like knowing that I have all of these other options. I have a lot to learn about the world of baby wearing. I thought I had it all figured out, with my moby and my maya wrap ring sling. I had no idea that it really has its own language. Its a culture all its own. And Im very happy and honored to be a part of it.