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Gabby LOVES her Moby Wrap and falls asleep fast when I put her in! She loves to hear Mommas heart beat and get swayed to sleep as Momma makes dinner or cleans the house.

So as you know, Gabby has Achondroplasia. And I have been worried about so many things that it makes my head spin most days. Her current pediatrician has told me not to put her in seats above a 45* incline, not to wear her in baby carriers and not to let her sit on my lap, because it can make her back slouch and “hurt her”. Well I have been correcting people who hold her, making sure her back is kept straight, making sure I constantly adjust her when she is in a seat or chair, and I have been wearing her in a Moby Wrap but secretly terrified I was hurting her.
Tuesday, July 17th we went to see the Orthopedic specialists at Connecticut Childrens Medical Center (CCMC). They are so nice there!! The doctors examined her, felt her hips for proper growth, looked at her back (she does have a kyphosis of her lower back and I wanted to make sure they checked this out) and took two x-rays of her spine The results were probably the best thing I have ever heard in my life. SHE IS PERFECTLY FINE. duh. I could have told them that. HAHAHA. But really, she is fine. And I asked the BIG question. “Can I use my Moby Wrap or other style wrap to carry her?” and guess what she said? SHE SAID YES! She told me that there is NO reason to treat Gabby differently than my other two children. And you have no idea how much a relief it was to hear that!! She also said that there is really no good reason to keep her reclined so much and to keep her on hard surfaces. Because, like any child that does not get picked up often, it would cause other problems, like a flattening of the skull.

Now I can understand that not every child is the same, and that some babies with dwarfism may have other skeletal issues that Gabby does not. So I wouldn’t say this a blanket diagnosis. But I think that we need to not be afraid of our babies. They are only short stature, they are not going to break if we hold them like we hold our average height babies.

(I have to add here that she said only ergonomically correct baby carriers were okay. Meaning carriers that hold baby in the right position. No facing out Bjorns or Snuggli type carriers. They offer NO hip support and babies legs dangle which can cause hip dysplasia, back problems, and can be uncomfortable for the wearer. The carriers that are acceptable are non traditional (in the US at least!!). Moby Wraps, Maya Wraps and other woven wraps, ring slings and soft structured carriers.
I will probably do a while post about good and bad carriers, complete with photos)