Oh its been a hot one! But we have been keeping ourselves fairly busy. Bella has been in swim lessons for two weeks now, and it ends today. We have been shlepping our butts to the lake (oh so torturous I know, a whole 2.5 minute car ride to sit on the beach!)  She learned to float on her back, and breast stroke, sort of. This is her very first time at swimming lessons so she has quite a ways to go. Now while I’m here talking about swimming, I want to just take a minute for a little PSA about drowning. Its actually my biggest fear, because I am not a strong swimmer. Its something I’m legitimately terrified of. But here is my little PSA. Drowning doesn’t look like drowning Got it? The movies and television have conditioned us to think of drowning as flailing around, screaming for help, and splashing a lot Well it looks nothing like that. Its sheer terror. Paralyzing to the point that the victim cannot say ANYTHING. They try to stabilize in the water, not thrash around. So please watch your little ones as you play at the pool, lake or shore this summer!! If I cannot go in the water, the kids come out or they wear life vests. And even life vests are not a sure thing. My Lily will be 3 in August and she can’t quite keep the life vest from flipping her upside down yet. Okay, PSA over. Enjoy swimming!!