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Its completely amazing how time can move so quickly. It has been 6 months since I gave birth to Gabriella. 6 months since Isabella turned 7. And 6 months ago, Lilliana was only 2 and a half.

Gabby is growing so fast. She can roll from her back to her stomach, and back again. She can hold her head up for long periods of time. She loves to sit in her high chair and chew on carrot sticks while the rest of the family eats dinner. She just cut her two bottom teeth and can even scootch around in a circle on her tummy. Its amazing to watch her find her own way. Every child finds his or her own way in everything, and Gabby is no different. We tried a back carry in the Ergo the other day, and she absolutely loved it. I got to spend time making cookies with Lily and Gabby just hung out, observing. I imagine a woven wrap would be even better, as I could get her much higher, so she could see over my shoulders. Maybe one day.

Lily is talking up a storm and becoming quite independent during the day. She loves to get her self dressed, play with her big sister’s iPad, and have “toffee” (coffee) with momma. Her hair is getting longer and its starting to weigh the curls down. She will only occasionally let me put her hair up, and only the front part of her hair. Sometimes I love to just stop and listen to her chatter on about things that she doesn’t quite understand. She has an amazing imagination. And an odd fascination with vampires. She has already picked that as her Halloween costume and tells just about everyone. She still likes to wear her dress up clothes to the store. And I let her. She loves to have her baby dolls wrapped on her back, the way I plan to wrap Gabby when she has better head control. And when I get a better wrap.

Bella, wow. Bella is showering every morning on her own. 100% on her own. All I do is turn the shower on and lay out a towel for her. I can’t believe how big and independent she is now. It scares me to think of how fast she grew to this age. She has new cares and concerns now. If her clothes are cool enough for her classmates (which of course they are, she is my little rock star) and weather or not she can have a new game for her iPad. She is beautiful beyond belief (of course, I’m very biased, she is mine after all!) and her freckled face and semi toothless grin are becoming more and more mature every day. Her curls hang all the way down her back, to her butt even. The auburn shows up in the sun light, but most people think she has brown hair. Its sad for me to think that she was once my tiny baby and now, with a blink of my eye….she is 7 and a half.