I’m sitting here reading through all of the different blogs I follow, mostly Mom’s writing about their kids. Some of them parents of little people, just like me. Others with average height children. All of them have such a way with words. I love writing, always have. I just don’t think I have the same eloquence that these other blogging Momma’s do. I have blogging ADD, as the title to this entry says. I love to talk about my kids, breastfeeding, natural parenting, politics, fitness, weight loss, and dwarfism. I wonder if this makes me hard to follow. I know, no one HAS to read what I write, they could just skip over the topics they don’t like or care to read about. I would eventually like my blog to be a place that people like to come to see whats new with my little family and maybe even learn some things. *sigh*


well, for today, I’m stuck with my ADD blogging. Maybe next week I’ll have more focus.