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Today in a town that I know very well, a town where I have family, A town I visit frequently, something unimaginable happened. A Shooter, a coward of a man, open fired inside of an elementary school. He killed 18 children and 16 adults. the school was a k-4 (kindergarten through 4th grade). And he open fired on CHILDREN.

Tonight, Mammas and Daddys, sisters and brothers, Grandmas and Grandpas will all have to go to bed without their beloved little ones. Mamma’s that have already carefully selected gifts for their children and then wrapped them with the utmost care, will have to decide what to do with these gifts that their little ones will never open. They will have to bury their precious babies far before their time.

Hold your little ones tighter tonight. Say yes when they ask to sleep in your bed. Give them an extra scoop of ice cream, an extra slice of cake. Whatever they want. Life is too short. This was too close to home. Never forget that it CAN happen. Anywhere. Any day. Do not let your children think that you are too busy, too tired, too distracted to be with them NOW. There may not be tomorrow.

Please take this time to offer up prayers of healing and love for these families that are hurting because of this senseless act. Father God will welcome these children, with open arms, into his loving embrace.

(Please do not tell me that we need stricter gun laws. Please keep the gun debate out of this. I will delete any comments about such nonsense today. Children were murdered. A mere 2 weeks before Christmas.)