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Nothing says KICK BUTT like Jillian Michaels. And since I’m watching her very loud return to the Biggest Loser….I thought I’d post about my “little” struggle.

Well, every year I say, “I’m going to do it. I’m going to lose the ‘baby weight’ and be a hottie again.” I’ve let myself down for far too long now.

I was not always big. I was actually thin until I was 20. And then I was working at a restaurant and eating anything and everything they would give me. It was Italian food, c’mon! It was a slow gain…all of the sudden I was 170. Then at 21 became pregnant with our first child. And I gained A LOT OF WEIGHT. But I can’t blame it on that. I never lost that weight. Well, I did, but way too late. And then found out I was expecting #2. And then #3. Now here I am.

Thanks to a new Mommy Friend and soon to be personal trainer, I am getting the motivation and support that I need. I was supposed to start this on January first. And here we are a week later and I’m already so far off track its not even funny. So right now is my start. I worked out this evening and I drank 3 huge glasses of water, which honestly is more water than I usually drink in three days! Watching the opening ceremonies of this seasons Biggest Loser made me really take a closer look at what I’m doing to myself. I want to be here for my kids, I want to be here and able to play with my grand kids. I know that is YEARS away. But still, thats what its getting to. I want to be healthy. I will lay it out there for you. I am 5’9 and I have about 65 pounds to lose. So there it is. Its not nearly what some of the contestants that started tonight have to lose. But its enough to change my life. I deserve this, and so do Bella, Lily, and Gabby. And my husband too!! We all deserve a healthy ME! So hold me accountable. Check in and ask me if I’m being good!

Thanks to Pinterest I have found so many good workouts that are sooo quick. On Pinterest, search “days of the week work outs”. There is one for EVERY DAY. And they only take a few minutes to complete. And they will make you hurt (in a good way of course).

Well? What are your goals for the New year? Be realistic. You aren’t going to change over night. But if your goal is to stop smoking, lose weight, train for a marathon…well, go on and get going!!

(I will post periodically to update about my weight loss!!)