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Well, I’m down 5lbs since last Thursday!! Im pumped. But this has been no easy task. I’m hungry. Ohmygosh I’m hungry.

Anyways, last Thursday my sister was over. She and I had a talk about me losing weight. Right after we shared an order of chocolate lava bites (or whatever they’re called) from burger king. Haha. But the whole time I was talking I kept hearing myself….”I would do this…butt….” I was making excuse after excuse. And that night, I realized. The only person in my way is ME. Yeah not much of a revelation but it really never hit me like that before. So from that night on, I have been good. And not just kind of good. Really good. I don’t care if I’m hungry. As long as I eat enough to keep up my milk supply for Gabby, I don’t care. So in 6 days I lost 5 lbs. Pretty decent. My first mini goal is within reach, and I’m so excited.

Working out
As for exercise, I’ve been doing some Just Dance on the Wii with my older girls. Trying to do it every day, but my eating is so clean that if I skip a day of dancing it doesn’t make a difference. And this is important to me. That its fun. And that its not the end of the world if I skip a day. That was a big thing for me before. I’d skip a day. Skip two days. Start eating junk again. And there goes the whole thing. Not this time!!

Weightloss Ap!
I have been using the Noom weightloss ap, and with the recent update they included a bar code scanner!!! Yay! This means that I can scan thme barcode on packaged foods and if its in the system, it just adds it to my food diary. Easy peasy. It also has a pedometer, but its sensitive so riding down a bumpy road in your car makes it think you’re walking. But, I love it. I use an android powered phone, and I found the ap in the Google Play Store. So go on….get it!! It’s free!!

I’ll update again next Wednesday….hmmm….Weight Loss Wednesdays?! Yes!!!!