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On the eve of Gabby’s 10 month birthday, I am perched atop a stool at the kitchen counter, while I nurse my little wonder girl.

Being able to breastfeed my children has been an amazing journey for me. I am totaling 31 months tomorrow, over three babies. I remember nursing my oldest, for the very first time, the pushy nurses trying to squash my breast into her mouth. She took to it with no problems other than being overly hungry and impatient, they just didn’t want to wait for it to happen and knew I was a first time mom. I remember my middle nursling, that wouldn’t latch on for almost three whole days (so I pumped and fed her tiny bits of colostrum with a straw) and then finally did once I sat her upright on my lap (at my husbands suggestion). I remember Gabby…I remember them bringing her into my recovery room only 20 minutes after she was born (via c-section) and she latched on like a pro and never looked back.

Nursing changes with each passing day, each month that goes by. Each child that you nurse. With my first, I watched the clock. I nursed “on demand” most of the time, but at the beginning I did as I was told. Every two hours. Then every three, then every four. I think this is part of what pushed us to wean at around 10 months. She went right to cows milk and never had any issues. With the second I was more at ease with things. I knew more. Read more. Researched more. She nursed around the clock, every 2-4 hours (roughly, she was on demand 100%) until she was 11.5 months old. And miss #3…she is still going at 10 months old. With no end in sight. And I am a happy momma. I feel like I have hit my “groove” if that makes sense. I know she will wean when shes ready. I know that she will eat solids when she’s ready, and not just every once in a while like she does now. I will not force her or ask her to stop at any certain age. I didn’t ask the older girls to stop, it did mostly just happen on its own. But it was right for everyone at the time, and this is right for Gabby. It won’t be as noticeable to others when I nurse her past a year. She isn’t as big as my older girls were at this age. She is just over 16lbs and just 25.5″ long. She’s still small and we won’t get the stares that other moms of “older” nurslings will get. We might get stares for other reasons, but I will deal with that when it comes.

I’m not going to lie. I will be sad when she weans. Its incredibly special, the time that I got to spend nursing my little loves. When they look up at me, and only me. The silly little games they play while they’re nursing. She likes to hold her hand up for me to kiss and “bite” and then she giggles and nurses at the same time. These are things that only I get to see, only I get to experience. No matter who holds her, tickles her, feeds her…this is something only I get to see.

I feel so incredibly blessed.