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I have been doing amazingly well! I am down more weight, and very very happy about it. I’m not sure I told you all how much I weighed when I started this, but at my heaviest I was 221 (yikes) and that was this past December. Today I am happy to say that I am 209! Its hard work, but well worth it.

In my opinion, support and encouragement are the most important things to losing weight. Sure you can have the best home gym, best food in the house, and cute work out gear, but if you aren’t motivated and supported in your journey, it makes it very hard to be successful. I am extremely blessed to have my sister, mom, and a few friends that encourage me. They celebrate every single pound lost. They keep me in check when I’m having a weak moment. They scold me for straying from my plan, but encourage me to try harder tomorrow. Because, there is always tomorrow (and here is where I break in to song…thanks for that trait, Mom!). No one says I have to be perfect, but I do have to try. I cannot expect myself to be perfect, and “all or nothing” is a pretty silly way to do things, I’ve learned. At least when it comes to weight loss. Its a process. It takes time. I didn’t gain the weight over night. And its not going to come off over night, or in a matter of days.There will be good days and bad days.

I am determined though, and I am  making better choices with my food. I’m still slacking in the water area though. I have a very hard time with that one. But, step by step. I’m getting there.

My mini goal is to be under 200 by Easter. I never thought I would lose so much, so fast, so I think that my Easter goal will be reached….waaaay before Easter. Well, maybe just waay. lol. I’m not going to set my next goal until my first one is reached. I don’t want to get ahead of myself and start getting down because it seems daunting. I really wanted to be “thin again” by my 30th birthday, and since that is only 3 months away, this may not be a realistic goal. I will plateau at some point, and I will have to try harder to lose the weight that, at the moment, is melting off of me so quickly. But I’m very very determined to get it done this time!

So , next week I think I’m going to post some photos…before and during type photos. I’m scared to do this, to say the least, but I want a visual reminder of how well I’m doing. And hopefully I can inspire another Mom to do the same, and get healthy!

Until next weeks Weight loss Wednesday….Happy Healthy Eating!!