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Weigh in

Still holding steady at 209. Bleh. I’m not completely unhappy with this though. Normally if I’m not losing it means I’m gaining. But since I weigh myself every single morning, I know that I have not fluctuated even once. So, time to step it up.


While I’ve been pretty good with eating as clean as I can, I still could be better. I made flourless peanut butter cookies. And of course I’m the only one here that will eat them. Even my little Lily, the peanut butter lover, will not eat them. So I finally took them off of the counter, packed them into a ziplock bag, and stashed them away. Out of sight, out of mind. Right? Hopefully!


I’m still doing my Just Dance 3 on the Wii. I absolutely love it. Especially the 80’s and early 90’s music!! I put miss Gabby in her jumperoo and Lily and I dance our hearts out at least three times a week, if not more. I swear, Nintendo got it right when they made the Wii. Get people off the couch and moving!! Too bad I dont really care for the actual work out games that they have for the Wii. Oh well. I feel like what I’m doing is great for right now. The baby loves watching us, the big girls can participate, and I can sneak it in whenever I have the time.

So overall, not a bad week. And I know I promised photos, I’ll try to get those up as soon as I move this sleeping baby off of my lap!!