Weight loss Wednesday ~ Support


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I have been doing amazingly well! I am down more weight, and very very happy about it. I’m not sure I told you all how much I weighed when I started this, but at my heaviest I was 221 (yikes) and that was this past December. Today I am happy to say that I am 209! Its hard work, but well worth it.

In my opinion, support and encouragement are the most important things to losing weight. Sure you can have the best home gym, best food in the house, and cute work out gear, but if you aren’t motivated and supported in your journey, it makes it very hard to be successful. I am extremely blessed to have my sister, mom, and a few friends that encourage me. They celebrate every single pound lost. They keep me in check when I’m having a weak moment. They scold me for straying from my plan, but encourage me to try harder tomorrow. Because, there is always tomorrow (and here is where I break in to song…thanks for that trait, Mom!). No one says I have to be perfect, but I do have to try. I cannot expect myself to be perfect, and “all or nothing” is a pretty silly way to do things, I’ve learned. At least when it comes to weight loss. Its a process. It takes time. I didn’t gain the weight over night. And its not going to come off over night, or in a matter of days.There will be good days and bad days.

I am determined though, and I amĀ  making better choices with my food. I’m still slacking in the water area though. I have a very hard time with that one. But, step by step. I’m getting there.

My mini goal is to be under 200 by Easter. I never thought I would lose so much, so fast, so I think that my Easter goal will be reached….waaaay before Easter. Well, maybe just waay. lol. I’m not going to set my next goal until my first one is reached. I don’t want to get ahead of myself and start getting down because it seems daunting. I really wanted to be “thin again” by my 30th birthday, and since that is only 3 months away, this may not be a realistic goal. I will plateau at some point, and I will have to try harder to lose the weight that, at the moment, is melting off of me so quickly. But I’m very very determined to get it done this time!

So , next week I think I’m going to post some photos…before and during type photos. I’m scared to do this, to say the least, but I want a visual reminder of how well I’m doing. And hopefully I can inspire another Mom to do the same, and get healthy!

Until next weeks Weight loss Wednesday….Happy Healthy Eating!!


10 months and counting


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On the eve of Gabby’s 10 month birthday, I am perched atop a stool at the kitchen counter, while I nurse my little wonder girl.

Being able to breastfeed my children has been an amazing journey for me. I am totaling 31 months tomorrow, over three babies. I remember nursing my oldest, for the very first time, the pushy nurses trying to squash my breast into her mouth. She took to it with no problems other than being overly hungry and impatient, they just didn’t want to wait for it to happen and knew I was a first time mom. I remember my middle nursling, that wouldn’t latch on for almost three whole days (so I pumped and fed her tiny bits of colostrum with a straw) and then finally did once I sat her upright on my lap (at my husbands suggestion). I remember Gabby…I remember them bringing her into my recovery room only 20 minutes after she was born (via c-section) and she latched on like a pro and never looked back.

Nursing changes with each passing day, each month that goes by. Each child that you nurse. With my first, I watched the clock. I nursed “on demand” most of the time, but at the beginning I did as I was told. Every two hours. Then every three, then every four. I think this is part of what pushed us to wean at around 10 months. She went right to cows milk and never had any issues. With the second I was more at ease with things. I knew more. Read more. Researched more. She nursed around the clock, every 2-4 hours (roughly, she was on demand 100%) until she was 11.5 months old. And miss #3…she is still going at 10 months old. With no end in sight. And I am a happy momma. I feel like I have hit my “groove” if that makes sense. I know she will wean when shes ready. I know that she will eat solids when she’s ready, and not just every once in a while like she does now. I will not force her or ask her to stop at any certain age. I didn’t ask the older girls to stop, it did mostly just happen on its own. But it was right for everyone at the time, and this is right for Gabby. It won’t be as noticeable to others when I nurse her past a year. She isn’t as big as my older girls were at this age. She is just over 16lbs and just 25.5″ long. She’s still small and we won’t get the stares that other moms of “older” nurslings will get. We might get stares for other reasons, but I will deal with that when it comes.

I’m not going to lie. I will be sad when she weans. Its incredibly special, the time that I got to spend nursing my little loves. When they look up at me, and only me. The silly little games they play while they’re nursing. She likes to hold her hand up for me to kiss and “bite” and then she giggles and nurses at the same time. These are things that only I get to see, only I get to experience. No matter who holds her, tickles her, feeds her…this is something only I get to see.

I feel so incredibly blessed.

My littlest love bug


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I couldn’t help but post this. Gabby is 9 1/2 months old and is really sitting on her own now. She still can’t get into that position by herself, buy she can sit for 5-10 minutes, straight backed, playing with her toys and doll house all on her own. I’m beyond proud of my girl. One happy momma, here.



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Well, I’m down 5lbs since last Thursday!! Im pumped. But this has been no easy task. I’m hungry. Ohmygosh I’m hungry.

Anyways, last Thursday my sister was over. She and I had a talk about me losing weight. Right after we shared an order of chocolate lava bites (or whatever they’re called) from burger king. Haha. But the whole time I was talking I kept hearing myself….”I would do this…butt….” I was making excuse after excuse. And that night, I realized. The only person in my way is ME. Yeah not much of a revelation but it really never hit me like that before. So from that night on, I have been good. And not just kind of good. Really good. I don’t care if I’m hungry. As long as I eat enough to keep up my milk supply for Gabby, I don’t care. So in 6 days I lost 5 lbs. Pretty decent. My first mini goal is within reach, and I’m so excited.

Working out
As for exercise, I’ve been doing some Just Dance on the Wii with my older girls. Trying to do it every day, but my eating is so clean that if I skip a day of dancing it doesn’t make a difference. And this is important to me. That its fun. And that its not the end of the world if I skip a day. That was a big thing for me before. I’d skip a day. Skip two days. Start eating junk again. And there goes the whole thing. Not this time!!

Weightloss Ap!
I have been using the Noom weightloss ap, and with the recent update they included a bar code scanner!!! Yay! This means that I can scan thme barcode on packaged foods and if its in the system, it just adds it to my food diary. Easy peasy. It also has a pedometer, but its sensitive so riding down a bumpy road in your car makes it think you’re walking. But, I love it. I use an android powered phone, and I found the ap in the Google Play Store. So go on….get it!! It’s free!!

I’ll update again next Wednesday….hmmm….Weight Loss Wednesdays?! Yes!!!!

A New Year, and A New Me


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Nothing says KICK BUTT like Jillian Michaels. And since I’m watching her very loud return to the Biggest Loser….I thought I’d post about my “little” struggle.

Well, every year I say, “I’m going to do it. I’m going to lose the ‘baby weight’ and be a hottie again.” I’ve let myself down for far too long now.

I was not always big. I was actually thin until I was 20. And then I was working at a restaurant and eating anything and everything they would give me. It was Italian food, c’mon! It was a slow gain…all of the sudden I was 170. Then at 21 became pregnant with our first child. And I gained A LOT OF WEIGHT. But I can’t blame it on that. I never lost that weight. Well, I did, but way too late. And then found out I was expecting #2. And then #3. Now here I am.

Thanks to a new Mommy Friend and soon to be personal trainer, I am getting the motivation and support that I need. I was supposed to start this on January first. And here we are a week later and I’m already so far off track its not even funny. So right now is my start. I worked out this evening and I drank 3 huge glasses of water, which honestly is more water than I usually drink in three days! Watching the opening ceremonies of this seasons Biggest Loser made me really take a closer look at what I’m doing to myself. I want to be here for my kids, I want to be here and able to play with my grand kids. I know that is YEARS away. But still, thats what its getting to. I want to be healthy. I will lay it out there for you. I am 5’9 and I have about 65 pounds to lose. So there it is. Its not nearly what some of the contestants that started tonight have to lose. But its enough to change my life. I deserve this, and so do Bella, Lily, and Gabby. And my husband too!! We all deserve a healthy ME! So hold me accountable. Check in and ask me if I’m being good!

Thanks to Pinterest I have found so many good workouts that are sooo quick. On Pinterest, search “days of the week work outs”. There is one for EVERY DAY. And they only take a few minutes to complete. And they will make you hurt (in a good way of course).

Well? What are your goals for the New year? Be realistic. You aren’t going to change over night. But if your goal is to stop smoking, lose weight, train for a marathon…well, go on and get going!!

(I will post periodically to update about my weight loss!!)

New Years Eve


I’ve been slacking!! Sorry!! How was your New Year? We had a very quiet celebration at home, just our little family. Lily and Gabby fell asleep before midnight, so it was just me, the hubby, and Bella to clink glasses of sparkling cider and wish each other a Happy New Year. It was, in my opinion, perfect. And I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. I hope you have an amazing 2013!!

Christmas Break

Some weeks pass more slowly than others. This week is one of them. We did our usual running around for the holidays, thanks to my Aunt and Uncle for loaning us a car. But after all the running around was over…..well…we sort of stopped doing pretty much everything. Its good, I mean, its cheaper this way! When you try to do things with a family of 5 it ends up being quite expensive.

But I wanted to share some of our holiday fun with you all…in photos of course….

A little of everything....My girls and Hubby on Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning...and even my furry baby!

A little of everything….My girls and Hubby on Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning…and even my furry baby!